Launch of Human Capital Professional Board Singapore (HCPBS)


Human Capital Professional Board Singapore (HCPBS) is a professional board made up of industry leaders who serve as advocates of and trusted advisors on issues relating to human capital excellence and business-related human capital.

The Board is formed by people who have undergone capability development courses at HCS and are passionate about improving people management standards with the ultimate aim of raising productivity for organisations. HCPBS also serves as a platform to organise Community of Practice for human capital professionals.

Among several objectives, it aims to:

•      Drive best practices in human capital management and productivity

•      To nurture continuous professional growth in people managers

•      To champion capability building of human capital & organizations for productivity and business excellence.


Ms Cynthia Lee, President of the Protem Committee of HCPBS, said: “Institutional memory is an important piece in the productivity movement." She added: "We can be talking about more creative ways of doing things, automation, and training to drive productivity, but can you imagine, if all these outcomes are not institutionalised and recycled for the benefit of our successors at work and the future generation, would we be chasing our shadows all the time? 


“Through CoP and the Professional Board, we will be starting a legacy to encourage documentation of learning and sharing. It is my dream that the Professional Board will provide the impetus for a national portal to document all the best HR practices so that Singapore can begin to evolve our Singapore case studies.”